My GeoGuessr Obsession

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been obsessed by GeoGuessr, an online game where you are dumped in random locations and courtesy of Google Street View you have to establish where you are and place a pin on a map in the right location. To get the full number of points, your pin has to be very accurate (on a UK only map, you have to be within 15 metres!)

After seeing a well known geographical YouTuber called GeoWizard get a ten minute perfect UK run, I thought.. I could do that. So I did. Here’s one of his runs:

I started out just over a week ago and did it in fifteen minutes or so, then twelve, then I really struggled to get the perfect scores. I could get within 50 metres or so but just not in the right place to get the full 5000 points for each go.

But practice makes perfect and after several nights of effort.. I got a 8:33!

I’m not anywhere near as charismatic, talkative, or good looking as Mr. GeoWizard but I nonetheless recorded my run as proof using the wonderful OBS:

To cut a long story short, I kept going and going and have made it to 6 minutes 8 seconds:

And then I actually got sub 6 minutes, but haven’t bothered to upload the video as I want to see if I can beat five.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been obsessed with lately. No doubt I won’t play it again after a week or two.

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