October 5, 2020

I have no idea what happened yesterday so I’m going to skip that!

Today I got up at 9am, had porridge for breakfast, and began what is a typically slow Monday as my wife goes out cycling for hours with her cycling club, so I work on and off as well as entertain/feed/protect child three who’s two years old.

Mrs C got home at about 12.30pm and a conversation quickly reminded that I was meant to have vacated my personal office at the business park by the end of last week. Oops. So I rushed round there and moved half a ton of furniture and belongings to one of our other offices while masked up and sweating like a pig ?

The rest of the day has been rather pedestrian. I re-read The Old New Thing, a book about design decisions made in Microsoft Windows over the years, and turned the more interesting parts into this Twitter thread. I’m thinking of doing this with more books in future so that I can remember what was in them and what I actually found useful. Maybe I could even do them as blog posts on here.

Dinner was sausages, mash and beans. I’m now about to attempt today’s Geoguessr Daily Challenge, my current daily obsession. I came 11th in one run over the weekend (out of about 3000 entries) so it’s nice to actually be good at something for once! There are clearly quite a few cheaters on there though because you can’t get every point to within 2 metres playing naturally..

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