October 1-3, 2020

Yes, I’m declaring diary bankruptcy with this group update ? Luckily, not a lot has happened beyond the usual work. Wednesdays through Fridays are my busiest days of the week as that’s when our newsletters actually get edited and sent so these days don’t lend themselves to quiet reflection.

Autumn has truly begun in the UK and I’ve had to bring up the 3KW space heater to my home office for occasional use. You’re boiling within 10 minutes so it doesn’t take long. The reason I need it is because my daughter sat on the radiator during lockdown and tore it off the wall. This hasn’t yet been fixed because you have to chase plumbers for ages to do things, even if they’re good ones (maybe even especially if they’re good?)

We’ve finally got a date for the demolition of our conservatory which is, well, attempting to demolish itself already. The outer wall is slipping ever further away from the actual house and the thing will surely collapse on its own within weeks, but we’ll see if it survives to the November 30th demolition. Sadly we won’t be getting our new extension until early next year now, despite being promised it before Christmas, but it is what it is and it’s not like we’ll be likely to have a big Christmas dinner this year anyway.

Mrs C has been giving away lots of children’s toys and similar things on the local “Freely Given” Facebook group. This has resulted in lots of 30 and 40-something aged women turning up at the house which made me wonder if anyone has ever given away things on these groups as a way to meet new people in town. It certainly seems to be a quick way to get a crowd round ?

A fully gutted pigeon carcass turned up on the lawn today so I was dispatched to sort it out. This was the easier job of Friday though as I then discovered the main sink drain from the kitchen had blocked and was overflowing. Lots of chemicals later and I finally got things moving again. The only downside is all the fish in the local river are now likely to have three eyes and would probably be safer if they were in Chernobyl.

Spent much of Friday evening and Saturday morning watching music videos with my middle daughter. Music videos are a particular interest of mine and I’ve got over 1000 in a YouTube playlist. I’ve been into them ever since I saw my very first ones, Money for Nothing by Dire Straits and Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson in the 80s. I forget which was first but they both really stuck with me until I got to watch music videos regularly on MTV in the 90s.

I can’t remember what I ate on Thursday but on Friday evening I made my own dinner as Mrs C went out with a friend. I made potato waffles with melted cheese and bacon. Very healthy.

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