September 28, 2020

One of the reasons I’ve begun to keep an online diary is because my episodic memory is so poor that I can’t remember things very well after I’ve done them. This is just par for the course with me – I struggle to remember much of anything I’ve ever done.

I quickly discovered that this amnesia applies, though to a lesser extent, even at the end of the very same day so I began to take notes to jog my memory as to things I could write. I did not do this for Monday, September 28, and so my memory of the day is muddy.

I know that I spent most of the day working at a relatively slow pace as I was looking after my 2 year old while Mrs C went out on another 30+ mile epic bike ride. I paid my employees and I also bought them all a £50 Amazon gift voucher each just for the fun of it. Beyond that, the day is somewhat a blur, so I’m going to write it off here.

Tea was some roast chicken, and I made some gravy and bought some gluten free Yorkshire puddings to go with it.

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