Weekend of September 26 and 27

Weekends have a way of flying by for me lately.

This weekend was dominated by my signing up for Geoguessr Pro. Geoguessr is an online game where you’re presented with different locations on Google Street View and you have to put a pin on a map where you think the location is. You get more points the closer you are to the location.

So I spent a fair bit of time playing Geoguessr including with my middle daughter who found it exciting to play a custom made level of our town and attempt to identify numerous locations close to us. She’s pretty good at it, except for actually placing the pin on the map!

I took the same daughter to her special dance lesson some 50 miles away on Sunday morning as my eldest was doing her “eleven plus” exam, a somewhat antiquated exam used in various areas of the UK to get into selective grammar schools, which we still have in this area. It seems likely she will make it in.

Due to the rule of six, I didn’t attend the usual family Sunday dinner at the in-laws, so I instead went to my office and dismantled some shelves and moved some boxes around as we’re downsizing from three offices to two. We don’t even need two really, but we’re taking things in baby steps. After that I enjoyed the hot tub, made myself a pie for tea, and enjoyed watching the prison episode of House.

One of the cats has had diarrhea for a couple of days after being let out in the garden for most of the past week. He’s such a glutton that he’s eaten a ton of random plants which have clearly flushed him out. Tidying up a big pool of brown stinky water multiple times a day is officially not fun.

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