September 25, 2020

Another full day of work. Friday is perhaps my busiest day each week as I have four newsletters I’m directly responsible for, plus one other I give the OK to.

A man turned up from the company that will be building our new conservatory. He was scheduled to do a “test dig” to figure out the quality of the foundations on our existing, and collapsing, conservatory. I wasn’t expecting him, however, as we’d already committed to having the foundations redone from scratch, but he wanted to have a look anyway despite it chucking down with rain.

Our cats seem to have lost all sense of taste after having been let outside for the first time this week. They no longer seem to enjoy the taste of their usual food, but still beg for it. Going outside after being inside for several months must be a bit mind blowing, I might go off my favourite foods for a bit as well.

I really enjoyed this time lapse video of a flight from Singapore to Paris – it’s amazing what you get to see along the way.

Had a good chat with Corey Quinn of Last Week in AWS fame about the banal realities of running newsletters as a business.

The weather continued to get worse today with lots of wind, heavy rains, and the true force of autumn making itself known. Similarly bad weather is forecast for the entire weekend which is fine by me.

Had some sort of Moroccan meatballs in tomato sauce with pitta bread for tea. I wasn’t convinced it was gluten free but Mrs C says it is. I shall find out in a few days.

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