September 23, 2020

After 2 particularly summery days, today was cold and rainy, but it felt apt as it was also my 39th birthday. Luckily autumn and winter make up my favourite half of the year, so I had double reason to celebrate as autumn formally began.

The winter put Kristina off of coming to my house to give me my birthday presents from work so I went to hers briefly instead to drop off the payslips (I am far too disorganised to hold on to them for long) and pick up my haul which included an Adidas bag, Adidas face masks, and some similar things to help me in my quest to become a walking Adidas commercial.

I spent £8 on a “Positive SSL” certificate for this site, so now you can access it at for a pointless amount of increased security. I took this route rather than begging the provider to add Let’s Encrypt support specifically because I wanted to see how typical users of this host deal with the situation. The process was a little convoluted and felt rather old fashioned in these Let’s Encrypt times but the host took care of things pretty well and it will work for another year without me having to touch anything.

My parents came to visit for a few hours and brought me a variety of Blurays of older films including The Italian Job and Midnight Express. The 60s and 70s remain relatively undiscovered for me in terms of movies (although A Clockwork Orange is in my top ten movies ever) so I’m looking forward to doing some catching up there.

Another gift I was particularly impressed by was a bobble hat with a built in head torch which you can charge up via USB given to me by my sister-in-law and her husband. Every small piece of electronics should be USB chargeable IMHO.

We went as a family to have a meal at an American restaurant called The Ranch in Louth where I devoured a fantastic 16 oz ribeye steak, before drifting off to sleep quite rapidly on my return – care of a mild dose of antihistamines – while reading The Prison Doctor by Dr Amanda Brown.

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